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Parents Role

Parents can help their child at home by:

Parents play a critical role in helping their children with hearing loss to develop spoken language.

At the Ismaani center, parents attend and participate in every session to learn strategies that encourage their child to listen and talk.

Ensuring that the hearing aids or cochlear implants are always in optimal working condition.


Pointing out sounds in the environment so the child can learn what is making those sounds.

Such as people talking, birds singing, cars honking, water dripping

Ensuring that the child wears the hearing aids or cochlear implants during all waking hours.


Speaking naturally, clearly, and correctly.  

Emphasize the words and there is no need to raise your voice

Creating a quiet environment in the home so that the child can hear well.

Turn off the TV & other noisy appliances

Playing, having fun and enjoying the child.


Making every moment a language learning opportunity.

Talk to the children about what they hear and see and describe what is happening

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